With many years of hard work and experience in the Aluminium & Glass Industry, a reputation of being meticulous, trustworthy and reliable among his clients have been built up. Known with just a contact number and a name back in those days, there was a need to start a company in order to continue providing best services to clients. Hence in June 2011, Hoe Heng Aluminium Engrg Pte Ltd was started.

Over the years, Hoe Heng Aluminium Engrg Pte Ltd has established itself as a reputable contractor in the residential, industrial and commercial buildings for both the private and public sectors.

Hoe Heng Aluminium Engrg Pte Ltd specialises in Facade Construction and Maintenance for traditional residential, commercial, recreational, institutional and industrial construction services.

Over the years, we have developed core competencies in the fields of Facade Construction and Maintenance and are able to warrant the timely delivery of various types of projects. Besides successfully completing various Facade construction, we have also completed a wide range of projects and are undertaking increasingly larger scale projects.